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A wise man once said: life is too short to drink bad wine.
We would like to add: life is too short to do boring work.
Working with us should be fun for you – and the other way around. That is how we get the best results. And what could be more gratifying than successful communication?

Nordis has experience helping Scandinavian clients on the German market. We are a full-service agency that handle all aspects of your business communication and we have built up a broad network of contacts in Germany and Scandinavia for the past 20 years. We help you reach success on the German market through: market analysis, networking, advertising, multimedia, media work and event management. We also do translations between the Scandinavian languages and German. Would you like to start out just testing the German market and use our bureau as your branch-office? Contact us!

Nordis - Agentur für Kommunikation
Werdener Str. 28
D- 45219 Essen

Phone: 0049 (0) 2054 - 9 38 54 0     
Fax: 0049 (0) 2054 - 9 38 54 29

A virtual North European fair for companies and organizations around Scandinavian themes and products. A popular Northern Europe portal with its own Scandinavia magazine.  A perfect forum for family firms and companies that offer something unique from Scandinavia.
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